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Bugs found in Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2

Total discount is calculated automatically – Bug

Update: This issue was reported and has a hotfix that can be downloaded from Microsoft. Just create a new support issue on the partnersource and ask for the following:

Knowledge Base ID: 953178

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The following checkbox ”Total discount is calculated automatically” makes sure that every order has its total discount calculated before it is posted.

Accounts Recievable/Setup/Parameters/Prices tab

AR - Parameters - Prices

This is done in the “clicked method” that executes when the posting button is clicked, this means that total discount is calculated on the sales order even before you get the dropdown where you can choose the different types of posting i.e. Invoice or Confirmation. But as it turns out, this does not seem work if you multiselect in the sales order form(Click thumbnail below to see the form).

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Misc. charges bug

I noticed a bug in the routine for printing out misc. charges on the SalesInvoice_SE document. The problem is that the label that are printed is always “Amount currency”, and the routine doesn’t calculate the amount correctly when the category is set to Pcs or Percent. I Haven’t tested if the SalesInvoice document has the same problem, but the markupSpec method seams to have the same errors so I think it shares the same problems.
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Returned item bug

I have only tested this i Dynamics AX SP2, but I would guess that this is also a problem in SP1.

When registering a Sales Order of the type “Returned item”, there are some validations and other functionality that apply. To start with you get an auto generated RMA number. There is also not possible to enter a positive quantity on the order lines, because that would defeat the purpose of the Sales type “Returned item”. The customer is supposed to get money back, not pay the items price again when returning it.

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