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Send alerts/messages to online users

In Axapta 3.x there is a functionality that lets you send messages to online users. This functionality is lost in Dynamics AX 4.x which is a problem when you want an easy way to communicate with the online users. Maybe you want the users to know that that the AOS is going to be restarted at a specific time and as a result they should save their work and log out before this happens.

I’ve looked around the web and have found some examples on how to create these notifications, but none that worked all the way without a visit to the debugger. Tired of not having access to this functionality I decided to build it, and this is the result.

As the base I am using the alerts functionality in Dynamics AX 4.0.
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How to create a new EventType

When using notifications in Dynamics AX we get different event types when setting up a new notification rule for different fields. If we try to create a notification rule for a date field, we get event types like “is due:”, “is due in:” and “has changed:”. If we create one for a string we get “has changed:” and “is set to:”.

Let’s say we want to create a new event type for fields containing numbers that checks if the number has doubled. This is how we do it.

We first need to create a new class that extends the EventTypeCUD class. We call our new class EventTypeCUDDoubleOrMore.
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