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Sorting containers with multiple levels

I encountered a scenario where I wanted to find a record of a certain type somewhere in a big container. This got med thinking, and the result is the code below. I wanted to be able to loop through a container no matter how big it was or how many levels of new containers it contained.

This job searches through the container con1 and sorts the types Integer, Real and String into separate containers. In itself this job might not be very useful, but my goal was to build something that could easily be modified to work in many different cases when looking for different values in containers.

It also finds the specific records of VendTable, CustTable and SalesTable that I hid inside the container structure.
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A quick look at lists and a bit of XML

This is just a quick look at the List object in Dynamics AX. Just played around with it to see what functionality was there and what wasn’t. As you can see I just created a simple list of integers and also one with records from InventTable, if you wan’t to know what types can be placed in the list, check out the baseEnum “Types” in the AOT.

As a bonus I also created a xml file of the list of integers.

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