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Sorting containers with multiple levels

I encountered a scenario where I wanted to find a record of a certain type somewhere in a big container. This got med thinking, and the result is the code below. I wanted to be able to loop through a container no matter how big it was or how many levels of new containers it contained.

This job searches through the container con1 and sorts the types Integer, Real and String into separate containers. In itself this job might not be very useful, but my goal was to build something that could easily be modified to work in many different cases when looking for different values in containers.

It also finds the specific records of VendTable, CustTable and SalesTable that I hid inside the container structure.
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Open filtered forms with X++

When using forms in Dynamics AX we usually get access to them by clicking a button that uses a menu item, this along with the args that is sent we get a form that displays the requested information. But if you want to do this using code, how is this done?

You usually see this used in classes such as SalesFormLetter or PurchFormLetter that uses an existing form instead of a creating a temporary one. The user enters the information and the class uses the new information to perform the tasks at hand.
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Intercompany with buf2buf

When discussing the “Basics of changecompany” we copied table records from one company to another through X++ code. Using buf2buf makes this is a lot easier.

Buf2buf is used to copy one recordbuffer to another:

       buf2buf(Common _from, Common _to)

If we apply this to the code we used in “Basics of changecompany” we get:
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